National Entrepreneurship Month – Sergey Zakharov, ZS Instruments

Sergey Zakharov

Purdue Innovates celebrates National Entrepreneurship Month in November to recognize the men and women who start businesses to address needs around the world. The backbone of the American economy is formed by the drive and ingenuity of these entrepreneurs.

Purdue Innovates is a streamlined system that provides support and resources for entrepreneurs including technology commercialization, intellectual property protection and licensing, enterprise creation, and venture capital. Purdue Innovates has three dedicated groups: Incubator, Office of Technology Commercialization and Ventures.

About Sergey Zakharov and ZS Instruments

Sergey Zakharov is the co-founder of ZS Instruments, which specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of precision measurement tools. He also is an alumnus of Purdue University’s School of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Wei Zakharov, the company’s other co-founder, is an associate professor and engineering information specialist at Purdue Libraries and School of Information Studies.

“Entrepreneurship aligns with my passion for exploring and advancing innovative technologies. Entrepreneurship offers the freedom to pursue these ambitions, take calculated risks and contribute to progress in a way that traditional roles may not,” Sergey Zakharov said. “The dynamic nature of entrepreneurship keeps me engaged and excited, as it allows for continuous learning and limitless growth.”

In October, ZS Instruments received a two-year, $1 million Phase II SBIR grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a novel method to produce high-accuracy optical encoders. Optical encoders are sensors that measure position, either linear or angular, and convert it into an electronic signal.

Sergey Zakharov spoke about Purdue Innovates’ impact on ZS Instruments

“We are a proud client of the Purdue Innovates Incubator and excited to be part of the Fall 2023 Firestarter cohort,” he said. “The feedback we received on the pitch deck development helped us revise the presentation to cater to a broader audience, including those without a specific industry background.

“We extend our gratitude to Purdue Innovates for their invaluable support in de-risking Purdue-related startups and early-stage technology ventures. Special thanks to Doug Applegate, Tim Peoples, Matt Dressler, Justin Renfrow, Tyler Mantel and Steve Martin for their guidance and dedication. Go Boilers!”

Visit ZS Instruments’ website to learn about its off-the-shelf and custom solutions for its customers.

Visit Purdue Innovates’ website to learn more about its entrepreneurial support and resources.